Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing journal entries and excerpts from the book!

Kari’s Journal

August 12, 2010

We all love Lucy! Emily still carries her around like a baby and Lucy is just fine with that because she likes to be held and cuddled. When we first got her she was a little hesitant and scared, but now she loves to explore and play. She chews EVERYTHING. Her favorite thing to chew on is toes, which Emily thinks is pretty funny. Lucy also goes crazy when she hears newspaper being crinkled, which makes Emily giggle really hard. Emily couldn’t wait to tell all the nurses and doctors that she has a new puppy. It’s been wonderful for her and also good for us…gives us all something else to focus on!

Excerpt from Chapter 7: I Love Lucy

We had to work hard to hide the preparations for the party. Emily knew we were having a backyard barbecue, but she had no idea how large it was going to be.

Before the party, we sent Emily out with my mom. When they returned, Emily was shocked by all the familiar cars parked in front of the house. Mom and Emily came up around the house and into the garden, and Emily came straight over to me and Kari. The crowd was silent, all eyes following Emily as she made her way across the yard.

“Emily, you’ve been so good and so brave these last months we wanted to give you something special,” Kari said.

Kari reached into the dog carrier and gently took out a blanket with the dog snuggled within.

Kari bent down to offer Emily the little bundle. Emily gasped.

“Lucy!” she said softly.

It was the whisper heard by everyone there. No one dared applaud the delicacy of this moment, but nearly everyone uttered, “Aw!”

Watching Emily stare at Lucy was like standing in sunshine. For Emily, there was no other world than Lucy.

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