The cover of our book has been updated and finalized. We are so happy with the design!

emily on swing

When our publisher, Hachette Book Group, ask us for our ideas on what we thought the cover of our book should look like, we submitted examples of colors, feelings, text examples, and many photos. We gathered together about 50 photos of Emily before diagnosis, in treatment, and after treatment. There were so many to choose from! Right before we submitted our ideas and photos, we came across one additional photo of Emily on the swing set in our backyard that we decided to include. Emily loved to swing and we have a lot of photos of her swinging throughout the years. That last photo was the one they chose for the cover! The photo fits with a story we tell in the beginning of the book about the swing set.

Praying for Emily will be released on October 6, 2020 at online, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book will also be available at other retailers, including WalMart and Target.

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